I am not Scientist, Doctor, or Dermatologist. I am a woman with a Bachelor’s in Business, Organizational Communications. Who struggle her whole life battling acne. And not just on my face but my body as well.

I struggle with acne as a child and as an adult. As an adult, I went to a couple of dermatologists, who prescribed medications that my insurance did not cover, or was too expensive to purchase. The medication the dermatologist prescribed left my skin feeling, dry and irritated. I tried over-the-counter products. Just made my acne worst. After years of struggling with acne, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started researching ingredients that are good for the skin, that did not contain any harmful ingredients, like toxic parabens. I wanted my skin to reflect me. In the mid-2000, Tonya’s Foam face wash, Face Toner, and Beauty Bars were born.

My Products are made with Love Natural Body Care. 100% Natural Herbal Body Care Products That Nourish the Skin.

SheKnows this is what is possible for you:

What You Get:

100% handcrafted products
Freshly made in small batches
Natural Preservatives
Shea butter, Mango butter and Cocoa butter. Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Rose hip oil, fragrance.

Herbal skin care at its best!

What You Don’t Get:

Pre-made Products.
All products are made to order
Massive batches made 5 years ago
Toxic parabens (harmful preservatives)
Beauty is only Skin deep

Confidently aging: beautifully, gracefully + naturally Knowing what you’re putting on your skin is safe + toxic-free for you + your family. Feeling your skin say “Ahh!” every time you use SheKnows skin products by  Tonya. Getting compliments from friends and random strangers about how your skin is glowing!

Aging is fact of life.  Looking your age is not.